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All-in-one solution for all your social media needs.
★ Access multiple social media accounts via just ONE APP
★ No need for other apps anymore!
100% secure Social Media Platform!

"Social Media Vault" allows you to access multiple social media accounts via just one app. With its password-protected interface, you don’t have to worry about others hacking into your account. Using this app’s social media dashboard, you can fearlessly access Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social apps. In addition, the application has a host of secondary security features that keeps your social network accounts hidden from others. Social Media Vault saves you from downloading separate social media apps. It lets you access all your accounts within a secure interface, making it a perfect and unique social media manager application!

Fingerprint Lock

In this application, you’re well able to protect and access your confidential data using your unique fingerprint. A fingerprint locking option is now made available which is mostly found rare in other apps.

Different Security locks

Set up a Password, PIN or Pattern as your primary security credentials. It is your perfect social media lock and is the only app that offers such reliable security.

Anti- Hack

If someone tries to access your social networking apps behind you back, you can easily track down that crook via the anti-hack feature. The app captures the image of the culprit with the front camera of your smartphone along with the time stamp and you can check all the information about the hack attempt whenever you want.

Panic Switch

No need to worry if someone tries to snoop into your phone or suddenly arrives when you are surfing your social sites. The Panic Switch is here to save you. This feature allows you to switch to another app quickly by just shaking, flicking or placing the palm of your hand on the screen of your phone. It allows you to hide the contents of your app from any person passing by.

Hide App icon

This feature dynamically hides the app’s icon, preventing snoopers from discovering or finding the app on your smartphone. Means, you can enjoy using any social media account and no one will ever know.

Private Browser

You can Socialize freely with the app’s built-in Private Browser and leave no traces of browsing behind. Plus, you can surf the web without the fear of getting your browsing history tracked. Internet browsing was never this safe.

1. Twitter
2. instagram
3. Facebook
4. YouTube
5. LinkedIn
6. Pinterest
7. Google+
8. Reddit
9. Tumblr
10. Gmail
11. Outlook mail
12. Yahoo mail
13. Aol mail
14. Vkontakte (VK)
15. 9Gag
16. Buzz feed
17. imgur
18. Life hacker
19. Myspace
20. Vimeo
21. SoundCloud
22. Digg
23. Path
24. Dailymotion
25. Netflix
26. Xanga
27. Stumbleupon
28. Classmates
29. CyWorld
30. Badoo
31. Fotolog
32. BlackPlanet
33. GaiaOnline
34. Flixster
35. Skyrock
36. DevainArt
37. Habbo
38. Google
39. Vine
40. Twoo
41. Box
43. Dropbox
44. Qzone
45. Travian
46. We Heart It
47. My life
48. Sina Weibo
49. Odnoklassniki
50. WAYN
51. Yikyak
52. Mymfb
53. Medium
54. Flickr
55. Slack

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