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With * Love Horoscope * you will know always, everywhere and totally free what the stars reveal about you. In several sections you'll be able to see what the day has planned for you.

This app offers you four different kinds of horoscopes. Updated daily, absolutely free and perfectly tailored to your own sign of the zodiac.

* Daily Horoscope *

Will it be a good day today? Will I experience something special? For what should I prepare myself?

* Love Horoscope *

Will I be meeting someone special today? Is anyone in love with me?
Is everything fine in my relationship?

* Work Horoscope *

Will there be lots of work today? Will I be promoted? Will I have a productive day?

* Health Horoscope *

Will I feel fit today? Maybe I can expect a day of well-being! :)

So many questions you ask yourself every day - this FREE app gives you all the answers! The horoscopes are created daily for you by experienced and reputable astrologers, especially suited to your star sign!

... and in case you should forget your horoscope once, Love Horoscope also features a handy reminder. Completely free of charge.

Have a look at what your own astrological sign reveals or what's going on with your friends and family. Whether you're Libra, Scorpio or Leo - you can easily switch back and forth between the zodiac signs.

Connect to your Facebook account: This way you'll get your own perfectly individualized horoscope! If you received a horoscope that makes you happy you can easily share it at any time with your Facebook friends.

- With this great app you'll have the power of the stars in your pocket! -

Install it now and totally free on your mobile phone!


Tue Nov 2014
social sweethearts GmbH
100,000 - 500,000
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Tue Nov 2014

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