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Fingerprint Love Test Calculator Joke is a fun prank love calculator, find out your love compatibility with your friends or partner and see who your perfect match will be!

This love scanner can scan both peoples fingerprints at the same time, while you stare deeply into each others eyes ❤ ❤ ❤
Moments later the hearts will be bubbling as the love meter rises and your love match prediction is shown, are you destined to be together forever? Find out now!!
This love test is great fun to play with your partner, crush, friends or at parties.

Incredibly easy and fun to use, with refreshing layouts, beautiful HD graphics, dual fingerprint scanning, a unique love meter calculator, and best of all its completely free and always will be!!
The app is simple to use, just place your finger on one of the fingerprint scanners and have your potential love match place their finger on the other scanner.
Once both fingers are in place, the test will start automatically. After a short few seconds the scanner will finish analysing the fingerprints and your love percentage can be checked on the love meter, it really couldn’t be easier!!
Try it now, and let the fun begin!!

Enjoy the best free fingerprint love test scanner joke app, and dont forget to share it with your friends so they can join in the fun too!! This application’s feature include:
❤ Easy to use
❤ Beautiful HD graphics and animations
❤ Fun for all ages
❤ Small app size
❤ Available in over 60 Languages
Watch out for new features coming soon!!

Disclaimer Information:
Fingerprint Love Test Calculator Joke is for fun and entertainment purposes. This is a joke / prank application and is not capable of determining accurate test results.

Copyright Information!
Vulcan Studios is the proprietary owner of all source code and assets contained within this application and store listing, all backgrounds, screen-shots, icons, sound files, and image resources used within this application are protected under Copyright Law.
Do not use our source code via decompilation, our graphic elements, our description or other resources as we will file a DMCA request for copyright infringement with Google without prior notice.
Thank you.
© 2018 Vulcan Studios

Got feedback, suggestions or bug reports? Fire them off to the email address below and one of our team will get right on it!!
If you enjoy using this amazing Love Test Calculator be sure to check out our other fun prank apps and games on the app store and don’t forget to rate us ★★★★★!!


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