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This mood scanner simulator is an entertaining app that will scan your finger and try detect your mood via your android device's touch screen.
It acts as a mood sensor similar to mood rings.
Are you feeling happy, sad, angry, loved?? These are just a few of the 88 different moods this application can predict...
Just place your finger on the scanner sensor and let this amazing mood detector try tell what emotions your feeling!!

With over 75 different emoji’s and a description for each mood, now you will always know exactly how you or your friends are feeling!!
Play with this app for fun with your friends and family whenever you get free time.

How to use:
1.Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner.
2.Your fingerprint will now be scanned, and the app will cycle through all of the moods to see which one your feeling.
3.When the scan is complete, click the show result button to see your mood result.

Use this detector to test your friend's and family member's feelings and compare their feelings to your own!!

Enjoy the best free mood scanner detector with this great application, trick your friends into thinking you can tell them what moods their feeling by using this great fingerprint scanner simulator, how many can you prank? This applications features include:
* 88 different moods and feelings each with their own descriptions.
* Over 75 fitting icons (emoticons / emoji’s) for each of your emotions.
* Simple to use.
* High Quality Graphics
* Refreshing and simple UI
* Realistic fingerprint scanner animation
* Fun for all ages
* Available in 66 languages
* Application can be transferred to SD card to save device memory.

Disclaimer Notice:
This mood scanner simulator app is for fun and entertainment purposes. This is a joke / prank application and it is not capable of telling you what mood you are really feeling.

Copyright Notice!
Polysoft Studios reserves all rights on all source code, backgrounds, screen-shots, icons, sound files, and images used within this application..
Do not use our source code via decompilation, our graphic elements, our description or other resources as we will file a DMCA request for copyright infringement with Google without prior warning and you risk loosing your account. 
Thank you.
© 2017 - 2018 Polysoft Studios

Please forward all feedback and suggestions to the email address below.


Thu Dec 2017
Polysoft Studios
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Wed Feb 2017

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