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Whether 90’s Vintage camera photos or recent Insta style photos, Polaroid Camera has proved it’s definite place in the Photographic world. During the 90's people used to have printed photos and mention their signature, date, memorable moment in words on white space below the polaroid photo.

So here is an App which will give you polaroid camera style poly square photos along with today’s insta style hashtags to write on photo itself along with Timestamp and Location mentions.

How *GPS Map Polaroid camera: Add geotag & timestamp* Application works?

✿ GPS map Polaroid camera to click photos exactly similar to 90’s polaroid prints in square
✿ Select frame from multiple available options
✿ Get GPS location Map stamp on photo
✿ Add Hashtags manually or select from given options
✿ Add today’s date and time stamp on photo
✿ Add auto location stamp on photo

Interesting Features:

✸ Polaroid Camera - to click square size photos
✸ Cool Frames - for designed and colorful background
✸ Date Timestamp - To get current Datetime on Photo
✸ Location Stamp - to mention location on photo
✸ GPS Map - In Normal, Satellite, Terrain, Hybrid types
✸ Hashtags - To get relatable hashtags on photo itself.

Why to have *GPS Map Polaroid camera: Add geotag & timestamp* in your Smartphone?

✤ To enjoy 90’s polaroid style photos with application now
✤ To get photo caption added on photo
✤ Have polaroid frame to add text on pictures
✤ Works as Timestamp camera on polaroid filter
✤ Write on picture as like people used to add text on photos
✤ Watermark photos with Hashtags, date time stamp, geo-location & Map

Download the Application and enjoy it as a Polaroid filter got added digitally. Simple and easy photo experience for all your memorable trips and moments. All different features as per trends of the 90's and trends running in present at one place, one application.


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